Hello everyone! I wanted to take an opportunity to apologize for the recent lapse in posts. Fortunately, I have a great excuse. My decision to move to California has turned out to be a really great choice, and I am working more than ever! Unfortunately, long strings of back to back days on set means very little time to blog. While I do hope that I continue to stay so busy on set, I also want to set aside more time in 2019 to keep creating content here!

Thank you for all of your incredibly positive feedback about the blog, especially the posts regarding the new MacBook Pros and dongle solutions. I’m glad that everyone is finding this information useful, and I really do hope to finish the series as promised very soon. In the meantime, please keep your questions coming!! I usually respond the fastest to Instagram direct messages, but e-mail is fine too!

I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start in 2019!